Professional & Mental Health Counseling

We use a range of professional counseling techniques that assist have been found to effective in identifying solutions.

Start-Up Business Planning

We believe business is essential to economic survival, therefore we offer our members with key  business solutions such as assistance with business plans, organizational management, coaching, and Crowdfunding & Investment Opportunities. 

Business Mentoring & Coaching

Each member is assigned a mentor or coach who's purpose is to assist key decision makes in achieving greater clarity, focus, and understanding of Business practices using a social conscious model to business.

Profit Sharing & Membership Services

We reach back to by sharing  a portion profits to business committed to community engagement  We help our members achieve this goal by offering grant writing, campaign management, digital marketing & SEO content development, and Free business management classes.

Corporate Responsibility "It takes a Village"

United ConsortiumBusiness Model  is Social Responsible with the goal of  improving the social and environmental wellbeing of communities directly impacted by poverty. 


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